For over five years, Chronim has been an industry-leader in total Cross-Docking services for the South-East United States.  Our qualified warehousing staff is always perpared to hold your package(s) in one of our Overstock/Storage facilities or onto another vehicle for long-hauling. 

Chronim wants to ensure that your shipments are delivered expediently while saving you on the costs meaning you can put those funds back into your business!  

With Chronim, unnecessary hold-times, storage costs, and faulty inventory handling are non-existent – giving your company that much-needed competitive edge!  

Lift Gate service for pickup & delivery

Boxes and pallets can just simply be too heavy to lift for a driver or customer.  As a necessity for Final-Mile delivery, Chronim DL has outfitted its fleet with lift-gates to address this.  Rest assured, our 26′ Straight trucks and 16′ Box trucks are ready to take those bulky loads off your hands and directly to your destination without any problems!

Trade Show Shipping

Chronim takes special care for your trade-show needs as we understand the impactful nature these shows have on future business.  Our Sales and Operations teams have prided themselves on developing competitive rate structures and practices to ensure you are a super-star and that issues like ‘forced-freight’ and unnecessary fees are non-existent!  Chronim’s automated logistics software provides detailed manifest and labeling information for your all incoming/outgoing deliveries.   In addition, Chronim understands that last-minute pieces need to be added, at times, to your deliveries, and is more than capable of guaranteeing the integrity and timely-delivery of your total shipment.  Furthermore, Chronim’s fleet has the capability to even deliver refrigerated goods to your next trade show!  Call or Email and get a quote today!

Limited-Access shipping

Needing to get your goods to a remote area?  Perhaps your organization needs to essential school supplies or sundries to an educational establishment such as a private or public school?  Whatever the case, Chronim’s ‘Limited-Access’ delivery service ensures your deliveries reach their destinations – no matter the distance or difficulty. 

Overstock Storage

There is no question about the importance of maintaining a well-stocked facility.  However, sometimes you can just have too much product or supply on hand.  Chronim understands these situations arise, and has bolstered its Cross Docking services to accommodate Overstock/storage services for its clients.  With over 15 storage facilities around the South-East United States, Chronim wants you to be at peace knowing your product is safely housed in our 24/7  video-monitored, air-conditioned warehousing units. Whether it is an indefinite-hold, or a quick turnaround, our Warehouse and Operations’ teams go the extra mile to keep your product safe and secure.