Medical Courier Services

Temperature-Sensative Medications

Chronim understands the life-critical nature when delivering your temperature-sensitive medications. Whether it is an IV or Infusion-Therapy medication, Chronim guarantees integrity and reliability when transporting various pharmaceuticals.  Having focused on this industry for the past five years has provided a unique insight into various Pharmacy, LTC, and Hospital procedures and expectations.  

Our staff has been trained by expert Medical Professionals to further ensure our services meet your standards as a health-care provider.  Coupled with our technology to track packages and virtually capture signatures of receiving patients – its not a surprise that so many providers trust Chronim in delivering their life-critical medications.

Surgical/Laboratory Equipment

Various ER Centers and Hospitals rely on driven, dependable couriers to transport vital equipment to-and-from sites.  This ensures facilities are properly stocked with the supplies they need to treat their patients and save lives.  Whether it is Mayo Scissors, DeBakey Forceps, or Kocher Clamps – Chronim has the fortitude and drive to maintain effective distribution optimization; further creating reassurance that your staff will be stocked with what they need.

Laboratory Testing Specimens

Laboratory test specimens come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Our staff has been trained to identify what specimens require specific handling procedures, and how Health Care providers expect those practices to be maintained.  Chronim maintains the importance of integrity when transporting these vital laboratory specimens, and has outfitted each driver with temperature-monitoring, storage, and spill equipment to further ensure your specimen arrives unaltered.  Examples include: Sputum, Urine Analysis, Tissue biopsies, Blood-Serum, Amniotic fluids, Cerebrospinal fluids, Throat swab cultures, and Fecal matter cultures;  Just some of the many laboratory specimens Chronim delivers across the nation.  

COVID-19 Testing Specimens

With the rise of COVID-19, Chronim has etched its mark in guaranteeing your COVID-19 Throat swab or Anti-body Serum tests are handled and transported with the utmost integrity and care.  In these trying times, our clients have solace in knowing that our specially-trained staff ensures that these testing specimens reach their destination timely and securely.

Medical Supplies

There is no question about the importance of maintaining a well-stocked medical facility.  Chronim understands your urgency and dedication to your profession when transporting needed medical supplies; whether its clinic-to-clinic, hospital-to-hospital, or to a patient, Chronim provides ease-of-access and round-the-clock transportation for a wide variety of infection control and protection equipment.